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Khalsar-Leh-Changla-Tang-Tse (21th June 2006)

21th June 2006
Start Trip Meter: 1601.4
End Trip Meter: 1875.7 km
Route: Khalsar-Khardung La-Leh-Karu-Shakthi Zingrul--Changla- TsolThak (Above the Lake in laddakhi)- TangTse-Durbuk
Stay & Cost: Changla Restaurant-Tang-Tse - 250 bucks.

I am up by 6 AM in this bright Khalsar morning and i load my bike, Check the tyre pressure. Have a tea and play with the dogs.

Bad news, my primary camera batteries have drained out. And I am now on weak secondary set of batteries. There is no sign of electricity anywhere and I may have to live in leh just to charge the batteries.

(Playing with the dogs.)

(Khalsar is so beautiful in the morning )

(The dogs are having the fun of their life..)

(The dog in the left is always wet.. every 30 minutes or so the other dogs chase and push him into the cold tributary that passes next to the hotel where we stayed.)

(Is this a glacier ? No way a glacier in nubra valley )

(Yaks. These are shy mammals. Huge in size, yet frightened all the time. I could not go close to this guy.. so I used an optical zoom on him)

(Jawan aur Awaam, Aman hai Muqam.. Our men prefer to walk in the cold rather than using trucks.)

I return to leh, and from there, I then go to Juma Automobiles in Leh-Srinagar road and we fit a CBZ disk brake show to my bullet after grinding it to size. My disk brakes are finally operational… I can now do Marsimek-la without hassles.

Its 2:30 PM and I rush to karu, have 4 samosas in the rindzen military complex in karu, and enter the road-route to pangong-tso. Pass on my Inner Line permit to the police post and enquire of where could I charge my camera batteries. I am told that Tang-Tse has solar energy driven inverters and I could charge there.

A returning school kid requests me to drop him to Shakthi and I was more than happy to help out.

An aerial view of Shakthi Village

Enchanting Laddakh! Notice the roadways in the hills!

That’s me at Changla.. This photo was shot by a soldier from Madras regiment, who speaks my mother tongue.. kannada. The visor area of my face is all dark with sunburns. Sun is intense in these high altitudes

TsolThak (Means (land) above the lake in laddakhi). This lake is frozen!

(Frozen lake of TsolThak!)

I then ride over and see a tent with a truck running at idle state… I slow down and notice an engine head-gasket fallen down.. it ought to be of the truck. The guy invites me offers me a tea. Its customary in laddakh to offer tea to stangers. That truck has a newly down up engine and it had worn out tyres and the young driver was confident that it would do all these bad roads. Wow beats me!

Does any one know what an “Arty Habitat” is ? Please mail me or best leave a comment here for others to learn too! This place is durbhuk..,.. tang tse is on the road that leads to the right. The best thing about Tang Tse is that its totally run by Solar Energy. And this is a life safer, I can finally charge my camera batteries!

I stop by at the Chang La Hotel, and was given some Amazing food.. rice with a special curry. I meet a few Israelis there and after some talks I go to sleep.


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