Friday, July 07, 2006

Khalsi-Kargil (23rd June 2006)

23rd June 2006
Start Trip Meter: 2159.9 km
End Trip Meter: 2340.4 km
Route: Khalsi-Lamayuru-fotola top-hemiskot-buddha khardu-khamral-namakala top-wakhah-Mulbek-Sargal-Paschim-Kargil
Stay & Cost: Hotel Kargil Continental – 300 Rupees, Single bedroom.

I wake up at 5 AM mount the bike. My bikes rear tyre is flat and the puncture shop opens only at 6:30 AM. So I while away my time reading my map, talking to locals, drinking tea.

The puncture shop opens and I get him fix the rear wheel… I am up and running in 30 minutes. I then ride towards kargil.

….amidst amazing valleys.


Bulldozing and clearing of the highway

Aerial view of Kargil

River Karu On the outskirts of Kargil

A Kargili Sweetheart (Note they do NOT like to be called kashmiri) muslim who I gave a drop to from Mulbek. I really like this guy a lot. He invited me and my wife to kargil.

As I approach the (now) famous town of Kargil which is still backward. Its gonna get its own airport very soon !!!!

I then abort plans to go to drass as I would have nothing to do the next day… I sleep at Kargil Continental that night.. Some how I make friends with some locals and 2 israelis who come with a delhi guy.

I have some authentic kashmiri food called Rishta and Kabab (cylindrical meat fried) at Rubby Restaurant Kargil

You should also try Kashmiri Food Like:

Rishta (Meat Balls in curry)
Gushtaba (Meat Balls in Curd)
Kabab (Cylindrical meat shallow fried)

You can eat only 1 at a time.. its filling.

These are available at Rigal Chowk, Srinagar and Adoos hotel in the same place.

The local gives me 4 pegs of Old Monk Rum which I gladly accept as a token of respect towards the Bangalore-Kargil friendship process that’s being nurtured.

The Israelis are smoking weed (Ganja)… I am having the rum and we talk of Israel-Palestinian friendship… funny indeed

The delhi guy says i am frightened of a guy who :

a. Does Not Smoke

b. Does Not Drink

c. Does Not Talk

d. Does not Ride.

So i drink and make up to 75% of the man

But not drinking for a long time, I get Drunk fast and I sleep thru the night.


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